Saturday, December 6, 2008


since the last time i post was centuries ago.. thus i have decided to make 4 post for today..well.. we will see if my fingertip are strong enough for these marathons.. however 3 post wont do any harm... :p .. what have been the cause of this short silence is basically is just that my family (exclude my father because he was on outstation to Kuching) had made a sudden decision to cool off our hot body and soul at the Genting Highlands. Basically its a sudden decision , booking was done through phone at 11.30 and we left the house at 2pm..hahha..and that what i call sudden.. the best part of this so called getaway was no other than the award winning 4 hours long wait for checking in at the you know which hotel.... it is understandable as there are about 4 thousand rooms there, and surely a systematic check in system is a crucial thing.. but for me the experience was so weird, surprising, funny and it reminds me a lot of when you want to settle ur bills (early of the month )at the post office.
there were more than 500 people at the lobby, 30 counters for checking in, the running number that we received was 793 and the call no at the counter was 354... heeeeee.... hey we even had a picnic at the hotel lobby and so was everybody else... the hotels even ring bells to sell ice cream just like at the 'pasar malam'(night market)..hahhaha ...
and for these lovely experience i will not stay at this hotel anymore..( except when on budget constrain and on budget trips with frens..hahahha)
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