Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pakcik Hassan is old and he is rich!!!

soo my EIT was not that Boring!~.. what i can say that i've learn a lot here... maybe for my other fellow friends who are doing their internship with me it seems that their field is not that related to what they are studying.. but hey i dont mind! its always soo nice to actually meet new people.. its our third week of practicle in Jalinan... it seems that our "jalinan kemesraan"among the stafff are getting stronger ...heheheheh.... the staffs even give out names to us.. rash: munchong.. amy: tembam and sue: ikan patin ...heheheh
soo.. this one fine morning i cant hardly remember the date or even which day actually... Pakcik Hassan make an unofficial announcement that it was he's birthday that day..heheh... so we decided to tong-tong beli cake for him... he was soo malu-malu kucing and was avoiding from us..hahahaah...

" hish tak mau aku tiup lilin...buang tebiat apa..(sambil tersipu2).. tak pernah seumur hidup aku tiup lilin..dah umur 50 baru nak tiup...hishh tamau tamau.."... huauhauhauhaua... tergelak besar kitaorang... kitaorang paksa gak dia tiup lilin.. and he did manage to blow all the candle in one breath... owhh yess..he is old!..he is 50! hahahahaha

the next week.. Pakcik Hassan treat us with a whole lot of KFC and it was delicioussss!!! sedap hingga menjilat jari... sedap bukan sedap apa.. dah laa kene tunggu lama gile kat KFC tueh... air pun kene pi beli sendiri... so bile balik mmg laa taram ayam tueh byk2... Arip siap taram 4 ketul tueeeeee...... diam2 jerr dia.. bile tanya ... " aku dah 4 ketul dah...hahahahah"..... tapi sian Zue.. dia tak sempat merasa ayam KFC yg Pakcik hassan belanja kitaorg... tapi bgs juagkk boleh laa kitaorg mkn banyak2....hahahahahahahahha masih terasa ayam yang panas2 tuehhhhh.....NAKKKKKKKKK!!!!
owh yess lupe plakk... pakcik hassan nie belanja sebb dia br dapt duit...sbb dah 50.. eden tak tau laa plak duit mana datang.. tp dia tengah kaya laaa....hahahaha

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