Saturday, May 2, 2009

shes taken~

somewhere deep within, every single one of us dream of our prince charming riding a white horse come saving for us and take us to the white castle at the happily ever after land... as for my friend Intan.. her quest of finding her prince charming have come to an end.. she's been booked... just waiting for her journey of gaining knowledge of life to be sttled for a while.. may all the happiness and blessing in the world be hers...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

working in progress

the first weeks of boredom has gone.. no more goyang2 kaki... sume orang dah kene buat keje... dikerah dan di ajar oleh yang dihormati tuan Bob.. bebile masa nanti aku upload laa gambar Bob nie ekk... gbr important person mmg mahal skit nak amik...hahahah what ever it is mmg byk arr kitaorg belajar dr dia... pendek kata all the work that we have to do sume dr dia...and dia ajar.. camner nak baca drawing wiring... and block diagram to drawing which are totally unfamiliar... but hey he make it easy for us to undersatand... so okay laa kira Bob nie... so this are among the work yang dia suh kitaorg buat...

tetibe ade orang shoot tuk video clip laa plakk.. huah huah huahh

Monday, April 27, 2009

EIT: week 1

Today just another boring day... waiting and still waiting for the clock to actually ticks and pass by.. i feel absolutely useless.. restless.. and absolutely boring... now this is what i really call wasting my time successfully... we are just watching each other faces ..staring and reading the newspaper... over and over again ..till we play quizzes with the DIDIK newspaper... how bored are we?.. owhh yess we are soo damn bored.

i'm actually on engineering industrial training with a company near my place in Pusat Bandar Sri Gombak. i can say that it is also very near to UIA as well... the same damn old road~.. just a lil bit nearer...owh yeay! damn boring! i know that the company i applied was supposed to be near but not as near as this and not to be at the same exact route that i use everyday before this...wawawaw! but oklaaa~ fine~ i did meet a bunch of new people~... just that i really hope that maybe things will be more interesting next time...

basically my company im doing my internship with works on quiet a number of projects.. and currently they are working on the Johor Central Project and as well as working on the new UIA campus in Kuantan.. Jalinan Engineering Sdn. Bhd deals with fiber optic installation for various application in the telecommunication field.. another main area of this company is the railway communication and signalling... haaaa..begitulaaa serba sedikit about this humble lil company... kecil2 cili padi tauu... and fully own by malay... quite proud laa with Jalinan...

see how relax this company is.. even the signboard is only printed on a piece of paper and paste to the wall... hahhahahah... on my 1st day i just cant find the office because i was searching for the big signboard...hahahaha.. aiyoyo~

so its already been a week m doing my internship with Jalinan Engineering... and this is basically what we have done last week..

chitchatting..a nd conducting our own meeting.. while other staff are working... we asked for work ya know~ its not like that we didnt.. hahhah

budak2 BMI ( Aishah and the Gang) belanja makan2...dah habis internship kannn~ sonoknye diaorg~

control room di Komuter Station Serdang. kecik gler so susah nak tgk apa yang Encik Faizal tgh buat~..basically tgh kira power loss of the optical fiber...

FDF: Fiber Distribution Frame

jotting down the data from the OTDR: Optical Time Domain Reflector

Aku tgh Poyo!

nilah dia~... dkt site pun blh tdo! aishh anak dara~
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