Saturday, February 21, 2009


Cant things be done?
as others have made it..

Cant i be loved?
as others have felt it..

Does beauty hates me?
as it is so high above.. i just cant reach it..

Now i walk alone..
In this isle of sorrow..
Never felt this lonely before..
I better live with it..
As it seems to be the same for tomorrow..

its mooshy, i know... but this is exactly how i feel..


Monday, February 16, 2009

The Passion For Art

art is strectches out like the ocean... and it defines one's feelings.. so what feeling do i have to what kind of ART?? something for sure.. i like things which are beautiful and gorjuss but then again beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. so i like beautiful music,drawings,designs, handcrafts or whatever beautiful things..

AND i must say thankyou to my lovely friend hamieza with highly good taste in music who had gave me a bit of her love for me(i know you love me..hahahah) in a cd.. and i am looooving it... especially track 2..she just know my taste of music..

when i say i like something.. i really mean that i like it.. and ryt now my brain just cant stop thinking bout four things and it makes my engine tired and full:

1. my chicaaz blog.
2. my very small business that im working on
3. my FYP which is about RFID
4. and also whats happening at home while im away...

soo what im going to do is just to settled out the fussy stuff which keep on claiming me to update them.. but basically my to do list is a long one.. i dont know when its gonna end..
i hope i didnt end up watching CHUCK all over again bacause im too stressed out to handle the pressure... well then again people NEVER CRACK UNDER PRESSURE!!
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