Tuesday, March 24, 2009


ingat tak masa kita kecik2 dulu.. with all of ur girlfriends hanging out kat rumah watching scary movies with one eye shut like Ju On? huhhuhu..and then... pretending to be Spice Girls (im Ginger Spice anyway..uhuhu) posing on the couch like one of their most popular poster tue..huhuhu.. and u never thought that that moment would happen again did you?.. uhuhhuhu..

well it did happen last time with all four of us (hamieza, iman, kak zuzu and me).. but this time minuce all the girly stuff .. its more of a woman stuff..hahahhahaha.. we did some cooking and watching movies.. owhh yess and i showed them my primary school, my hangout place and the small air terjun i used to tangkap ikan keli with all my girlfriends..huhuh it was fun... we did panjat the air terjun but the air terjun was not like when i was small.. air dia dah sikit.. so dah tak shiok sgt laa.. pastu dah tak bersih cam dulu...huhuhu

the next day we went to 3K inn hotel for the Payless book warehouse sale.... there were TONSSS of book there... and i just cant let them go just like that.. so i bought a few.. kak zuzu and hamieza did too...iman jer takk beli..uhuhuhu but then im telling you guys that dont ever miss Payless warehouse sale.. cause they are soo worth it to go... enough with all the book hunting we went back to my place and pack our stuff for uia... and thats the end of fun sleepover... and i sure hope that we will have that again... and all my girfriends will be there...huhuhu ok then

one book that really caught my eyes.. but it didn't catch my heart to buy it..

chierrss... n

Not soo Jumbo anymore!!

hmm i know its late... but like the lame excuse that always work.. better late than never.. so here it goes.. the journey of my soo called part time work.. ~ doing business~...sigh..~.. i dont know why i sigh~.. but one thing for sure its not easy.. well its not that hard either its just that like i've said before when the things you huv to do is the little thing.. then its time consuming.. it needs passion.. and when you have passion again u take time..u become ridicilously meticolous with everything (even if not to others but atleast you are for yourself)..huhuhu how all this thing related to my business passion?..well i work too hard on it and the result is not satisfying..

kak ju menjaga gerai ku yg sederhana... tgk luv2 tue.. angkut dr bilik tue..

till the last minute i have a sense that its not gonna bring me big money..but hey atleast i didnt back up till the last minute( even with all the dugaan i got..balik kedah yg dah nak dekat setahun lebih tak blk tu.. kenduri kahwin yg agak menarik.. and byk lagi laa)..nevertheless ive made up my mind.. i ought to finish what i started.. atleast for the day.. and yess i wokeup early and force my own fat self to set the stall.. and this time the stall is not even in MPH~..its outside.. the MRC said they want to change the mood.."lets have and open air Jumbo Sale for a change.."..open air my @#@#$... we did not only were blessed by the beautiful sunshine which is full with vitamin C but we were also showered with pouring rain like around 1.00 pm... sometimes creativeness were put on a place were the important factor were not taken care of.. i hate it when it happen.. but then we've manage to cover our small part of the capital that we used.. i guess im blessed after all.. thankyou ALLAH~
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