Tazkirah & Tips

Here i list down some of the links which i find very interesting to share with you guys. It is important for us to fill the emptiness in our heart and to always remind our self about the greatness of our Creator. We can also try to improve our daily life bit by bit and try to be Istiqamah  by reading these interesting blog and website. Islam is Syumul (comprehensive), it touches each part of our life, thus I'm sure you guys going to be surprise by the stories which are similar to yours and going to be inspired by it.

Selamat Beramal! Happy Ibadah!

some of the links are in English and Malay.

  1. Pakar How to?
  2. Himpunan Tazkirah
  3. Tazkirah Terengganu
  4. Peringatan Sepanjang Zaman
  5. Tazkeerah
  6. ustaz MAXX
  7. Jejaki Tinggalan Rasul
  8. Kehidupan- Usah jemu memberi

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