Lady Who?


Im Lady Amy.

Here is where i try to be the most of everything that i want in my life.

An artist, party planner, a good sister, a good daughter, a good muslim, an elegant lady, a soft spoken woman, a charismatic leader, a good friend, the best cook, the best worker, a business lady, a singer, a songwriter and everything in the world that I can think of..

I share my memories and my plans for the future and hope that you will too. As time goes by, as post will fill this blog, hope that we will grow old wiser and happier together.

In reality, Im a family person, I love my friends and my foe, Im an engineer currently living in the fast moving and colourful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a proud Malay and Muslim.

Bahasa yang digunakan di dalam blog ini adalah English dan Bahasa Malaysia. Jikalau artikel yang di paparkan berbahasa Inggeris adalah bertujuan untuk berkongsi pendapat dengan lebih banyak lagi pembaca-pembaca blog di luar sana, dan tidak bermakna saya malu berbahasa melayu. Anyway my English is not perfect..

Sesungguhnya  Islam itu agamaku,
Melayu itu bangsa ku,
Malaysia itu tanah airku,
Bahasa malaysia itu bahasaku.


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