Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bye bye

Its been a while since i last wrote anything here... things are just too fast around me.. but then I'm very thankful that I finally finished the one thing that i thought i will not get over with..~my study~

honestly, even though its already been about a month and nineteen days from my last final exam in IIUM.. i already miss it a lot... this whole new world of working is totally new to me..but then Alhamdulillah i will not complain as Allah is too generous to me.. giving me an opportunity that no one like me gets...

and so why is it i taught my study will not reach its end?.. maybe its because of my laziness and obstacles that i have..but mainly the letter 'M' is too big for me...'Malas'... yess i regretted it~.. but then its too late...and so i am satisfy with what i have and work hard to make the best out of it..

lets walk down the memory lane with me.. looking back at my failure and success in IIUM..

Fails and repeat:
1. Math 3: Linear Algebra and Differential equation
2. Circuit Analysis
3. Data Communication and Networking
4. Control System
5. Antenna

i think there's some more that i didn't mention..hahah.. owh yess not forgetting that i actually repeat Math 3 twice.. :P..hahha.. i know its not something to be proud of.. and i'm not proud of it too.. but then for me it shows that m having a tough time with my study.. its just not that easy.. well everyone will admit that their course is the hardest course of all in the world.. it may not be true but then for that person it is... so be it what people say bout you.. because in the end you know how far you can go.. and how much you can achieve...

but then again, syukur to Allah, i had finally finished my study in Communication Engineering and right now i am proud to tell that i am officially an engineer. Currently employed and working in Mont Kiara and at the same time waiting for another interview result from SCOMI. Pray for me people as i have high hope to get a place at SCOMI. Whatever the result is i know that Allah knows what is the best for me.
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