Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GongXiNi in Besut

"Ini tahun arrr...tahun itu Seladang?... itu Seladang arr itu Ox laaa..itu olang putih cakap... haiyaa itu pun talaa tau kaa??"

huhuhu...soo tahun ni tahun seladang.. i was born in 1986 and it is the year of the tiger as believed by the chinese.. i dont really know what really it means but i suppose the year of the tiger must be about braveness and courage or maybe anger ..huhuhu

Happy Chinese New Year!!

but this entry is not about me celebrating chinese new year, its just about how much i love going back to my father's hometown.. back in Besut, Terengganu. So basically this is why i love going back to kampung and at the same time sharing some of the nicest moment with u all..

1. Mesti balik singgah K.B pegi borong tudung and segala2 yang patut. and why this is soo important is just that we could get Very Good bargains with the latest designs here.( But seriously tak tahann ngan kekotaran certain pasar.. so we avoid eating at these pasar and we choose to eat at proper kedai makan like Hoover)

2. Boleh dapat makan roti goreng kat sebelah rumah maktok. Basically roti nie tade lerr best sgt .. but each time makan mesti nak lagi.. and not forgetting all other kuih muih kampung yang for sure takleh dpt kat kl niehh.. yerlaa mane nak dapat kuih jala emas,agar2 yg macam bentuk tembikai laa,akok, baulu sira, satar, otak2, keropok lekor original, tepung bungkus ori and banyak lg laa (plus harga pun leh tahan murah gak k).

3.Seronok sebab leh pegi pantai. I just dont know why.. but even though i've never actually dip into the sea(kecik2 dulu ofcourse laa pernah) sejak dah tua2 nie.. but each time i set my eyes on the wide blue ocean it really makes me happy.. but this time when we all had our kampung breakfast here infront of the South China Sea, sipping suam-suam teh-o with Besut style mihoon goreng there were rain drops..(Cikyah and her family was also with us) my skin could feel moist of the ocean breeze and the rain .. i love it..

4. The journey is always fun although it was very tiring..(its an 8 hour drive.. what do u expect?).. From K.L to Besut kitaorang amik jalan yg lalu Gua Musang then singgah Kota Bharu and stayed for a night at the Ridel Hotel (okla hotel nie.. among the best hotel i guest.. well bukannye banyak sgt pun hotel kat K.B tue.. tapi nasib tak baik dapat bilek bau carpet lembap laa plakk.. adeihh).. and on the way back to K.L we took the road which is along the beach and which mean jalan nie melalui sepanjang pantai Timur malaysia. hhuhuhuhu.. On the way balik tue syiookk gakk arr lehh makan ikan and sotong celup tepung yang fresh2... tengok rumah2 nelayan sepanjang perjalanan kat kampung2 nelayan kat tepi jalan tueh.. pendek kata sepanjang jalan tue asyik tengok pantai , pokok kelapa and bot2 nelayan.. whatever it is mmg best arr... owh yess lupe ! kitaorang singgah Masjid kristal gakkk..huhuhu

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