Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm proud born as Malaysian as well as Muslim... well both of this combination let me celebrate the most happening days in my life.... the Eid Mubarak for example is a celebration where we celebrate the victory of surviving a month of fasting in the month of ramadhan, Aidiladha on the other hand is about the sacrifices made by the Prophet Ibrahim (hence the word 'korban,' which means sacrifice in Arabic), who demonstrated immense faith when he was put to the test by God.Prophet Ibrahim was commanded to offer his son Ismail up for sacrifice, and though it grieved him greatly, he made ready to perform the task. However, as he was about to strike his son, God stopped him and revealed that it was a trial. Ismail's life was spared, and a ram was sacrificed in his place (the star).

Usually for my family , we celebrate aidiladha and aidilfitri at my kampung back in Terengganu, however this time we change the mood for an urban aidiladha celebration here in Kuala Lumpur. Not much different here, early morning my mother would be busy preparing Nasi Tomato before we went to Solat Raya Aidiladha. After Solat we would makan- makan the special nasi tomato, rendang, gulai ,trifle, pudding and after that we gather at the playground to bergotong -royong to slaughter the cows and kettles. This year we only had 8 lembu for korban unlike the years before when we usually have 10 to 12 lembu for korban. This hard work usually were done by the strong man of our village(the place where im living is a kampung also so maybe thats why i didnt really miss Terengganu). The meat were divided evenly so that everybody could get some and most of it were distributed to the poor. In the evening we rush our self to visits all my uncle and aunties in Kuala Lumpur and ofcourse after 3 stops and everybody serve their raya delicacies my diet was washed down the drain.

I think we will survive the coming days of raya in the urban as our traditions and warmth never fade..

im gonna show you guys how the ketupat daun palas were made... we have this for Raya Aidiladha, my mother learn how to make it from my maktok and i am learning from her now...

the traditional kelantanese style periuk kukus..

the glutonous rice was cook inside the periuk kukus, then immediately after it was cooked the coconut milk were addded into it, the hot steam of the glutonous rice will make the rice shines when the coconut milk and the rice were evenly stirred.

then it was wrapped using the daun palas into a triangular shape and was boiled till the water was dried out. then walllaaaa...ketupat pulut is served...
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