Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday was my mother's 47th BigDay! well we didn't really went out and celebrate or anything but we just baked some cookies for her and it turn out that she's loving it!..but she couldn't eat much though coz its surely is sweet!... but as you can see through dhania's face one cookie is never enough for her..hhuhuhuhu... (my cookies hangit la!!) kahkahkah...
so what did she get for her bday?.. nothing special this year...but anith manage to sneak out and bought a pink mug for her...although its sooo simple but yet so special... There is this big MUM written on it embroided with sweet elegant flower all over it...and when she got it she immediately said she will be using it at the office...(huuhuhuhu that is our plan also actually, to let her use it at the office)
huhuhu happy birthday Mak!... your the best!

Monday, November 24, 2008


im running out of ideas... im ok being bored through out this holiday..but i dont think my lil sis is...
sian dia...tade benda leh buat...asyik dok mengadap laptop and tv jerr... so aku pun dengan konon2 sangat bergaya menyuruh dia membuat jadual harian..more of a checklist of what she is suppose to do..let say she finish all the things on the list then she will get rewarded... tp tak tahulaaa plakkk aku nak kasi pe kat minah nie...adoiyaiii!!!
aku senanrnye ade gak rase cam aku nie practice jd ummi, ibu atau emak...hahaha... layan adik aku sorang nie pun dahh payah glerr...but aku berjaya menyuruh dia mengemas bilik dia...since that my "sweet big sister" strategy didnt work.. i change to the "fierce baby sister eating monster" with the high peach screaming and yelling power that i had spring cleaning was successfully done in this awfully midnight raining musim tengkujuh...hhahahahaha

ok then m off to bed...my bantalbusuk is calling me....heeehh

zasssss... have a colourful dream....
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