Thursday, April 16, 2009

coffee lattei of sem2 08/09

the clock wont miss a beat~ ... that is sooooooooo true.. and yess its ticking faster and faster each day.. till u wont notice that u've finished ur final exams and spending your last 3 days of holiday before you actually starting ur practicle (and i just cant believe myself that m already starting my internship)... OMG the sentence is soo jumbled up.. im not pretty sure whether u got me or not?.. Do Ya? Do Ya? Do Ya?... but let the future hold it surprises for me.. let me go through the coming days with excitement and joy... the future is for me to find out.. and the past is for me to treassure... and m already missing my rum8s and girlfriends back in UIA.. here are some of my sweet reminiscent in sem2 08/09

Bagan Lalang Trip!
Iman's Birthday celebration!

Cooking with our seludup oven of Iman's in our room!
Amy's sleep over!
Hafsah Jumbo Sale season I & II!
FYP: Consumer Good Tracking Device Using RFID !
assignments, test, quizzes, finals!
Boring Classes!

my list may not be as long as others.. but i realize that the list may go on and on.. enough with only this it already make me smile..

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