Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lots of love for MOM!

happy mother's day Mommy!! it Mother's day i know.. but i am the one who got present actually... terbalik kuang..heheheh i dapat limited edition Christian Dior perfume miniature of five!!!! she said its my coming Bday Present... i never have any Dior things before... i was soo excited that i sayang sgt2 nak bukak wrapping paper hadiah tu.. thankyou mommy!

the collection consists of
1. I Love Dior
2. Chris 1947
3. Dior Me, Dior Me Not
4. DiorStar
5. Forever and Ever Dior
huhuhuhu... i'am soo happy.. sebenarnya pesan beli makeup brush.. but my mum decided to buy for me perfume instead... coz she said she could get larger set of brushes from her friend who actually her daughter seems to do business makeup - makeup niehh..uhuhuhuh.... Anith dia dapat Dior Addict2 100ml..... dia mmg pesan...mmg la dia dpt!!( jealous gak senanye).. coz i reallly want the brushes tak kisahlaa jenama apa pun... but i guess Dior is always wayyy better than those brushes...hehehhe

ok i'm off to bed..cant wait to let my lazy eyes to rest~ tomorrow have to wake up early with hight spirit~ Gudnite ladies~ Gudnite guys~ sweet dream.
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