Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lil Chefs

My baking project this time was an easy one.. with the help of my two pastry chefs... they obey my orders and surprisingly manage to behave and did not make any mess... heheheheh.. with their help .. i manage to bake this delicious crunchy soft cookies in no time.. VICTORY!!... my dad and my sis and of course the little pastry chefs themselves love it... they cant just get enough with one bite.. always followed by another...
Anith don't blame me for this delicious cookies.. blame the little chefs..
they are the one who make the cookies.. hehe.. so u better eat a lot.. without any guilt..
anyway thanks bibik for helping me too.. hmm.. bibik did the washing for me... hhehehe i escaped~.. malas~.. time i will wash them myself..hehehhe

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mari Mencuba!!

hmm.. plan balik awal hari nie tergendala... ataupun lebih best dikatakan CANCEL terusssss.... HAMPESS betul kepada yang terlibat... misi untuk membuat Vanilla Cookies pun terpaksa di tangguh...

Walaubagaimanapun wahai Ukhti- ukhtiku.. ana disini mau berkongsi resipi yang akan di cuba sebaik sahaja pulang ke rumah nanti...

in my mind i would want to do this baking project with my lovely, cute and cuddly cousins that just arrived from Penang this afternoon.. i'm sure shes gonna love it.. but i just need to make the biscuits ready first.. before letting her design her own cookie..heheheh cant wait!!!
i'm going to use this recipe that i got from the internet... wish me luck!!

lets hope mine will look as tempting as this...heheheh

basic biscuit dough.

* 250g butter , softened
* 140g caster sugar
* 1 egg yolk
* 2 tsp vanilla extract
* 300g plain flour

i will add my own flavor Insyaallah...

for more reference you can visit this link.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

i wish...

i wish for a lot of things...
mostly i wish for myself..
i know..
selfish i am..

but then again... i only get to wish..

Lyrics | Miley Cyrus lyrics - When I Look At You lyrics

i wish that i get to sing this to someone..

Thursday, June 17, 2010


i'm already 24 years old.. but acting like a child celebrating her 10 years old birthday.. thats just me..

My Birthday Project was a success!!! with the help of my lovely sis and mom..everything that was planned had been executed smoothly. We cooked, we baked, we grill .. we did everything... i must give a big clap and standing ovation to my team project. hehehe
The food was delicious!! the decoration was just right!! and the theme was fun and easy to follow.. and not to mentioned the game was fun too.. so my advice is if you want to have a birthday party why don't you organize it own your birthday... the best way to enjoy a party is to enjoy your own birthday party!! plus you get birthday gifts too..hahhahaha.... but hey if you give some love to what you do.. you will get the love back for sure!!..


Nyum Nyum.. owh yess we also have NINI cokelat celup...
celup! celup! hahah

Here are some Party Tips that i think might help

1. always list out the number of guest you are inviting, and confirm their attendance at least 3 days before the event.(you can always use the message inbox through FB or even you can create an event through FB)
2. pick a theme that is easy for everyone to follow and remind your guest about the theme
(i chose the bright and colourful theme..its easy and it always pops out in pictures)
3. try to decorate your place according to the theme..however always keep an eye on the budget..
( balloons is a must!!!...or else there will be no party... try to bring back your guess down the memory lane with your favourite snack during childhood)
4. always plan the menu for the event..and try to budget according to the number of guest..and list all the item that you need to buy..
5. play some games that involve everyone... such as charade or win lose or draw... this is so fun!!
6. give some door gift to your guest so that they will remember your party always!!.. i gave empty CD that i personally hand drawn the design on the CD... heheheh
7. enjoy what you are doing all the love will give more excitement and fun throughout your event.. hugs!!!

below are some party ideas from Mr Google

My Menu

1. Chicken wings & drumsticks marinated with hot sweet and spicy sauce
2. mashed potato
3. coleslaw
4. Chinese fried rice
5. pizza roti
6. spaghetti
7. fruit trifle
8. vanilla cupcake with strawberry jam

as you can see the menu was pretty easy... and some can be made the night before...heheheh

have a great party!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Him who shall not be remembered

my first day working outside was a good one.. so many things i learned.. mingling with people or strangers... walking with confidence and keeping your head high while with other people... however yesterday was a day that's too much that i had to take... i had a fever at the end of the day.. and end up sleeping early..

i saw him yesterday... the last person that i taught i would meat.. but fortunately we just pass by each other... at that moment i was going out of the PWTC entrance while busy chit chatting with Sue.. and then it caught my eyes...
he was looking at me.. his eyes were as if he was making sure whether its really me or not..


i hate him soo much that it makes me shiver for a moment... just a moment..

i need a moment of silence...

and not to think anything.. but shamelessly my eyes were red..

but im not stupid.. crying over some worthless men..

his just a bad history... a history that should never be repeated...

and yes i HATE him.. i shall not revenge.. nor shall i think about him at all.. its a shame for me to admit that its hard... but it is very hard for me... as i wish not to say out his name or shall tell a story bout him.. i still end up still telling...

thus from NOW, i shall not mention his name or anything that had got to do with him...



but My Life is My Life..

my life is so beautiful with my family and friends... and they are all what i had.... but i like to fill the empty space in my heart at the right time and at the right moment..

i pray for myself and for all of you people.. to be happy and prosperous..

as you who will fill my empty space for now..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


i have a short term memory loss you know... very.. very short...
but not as short as Dori though... a friend of Nemo's dad..heheh she suffer major short term memory loss... pity her..:p

i forgot what is it that i actually wanted to post here.. but then nvm.. i shall post something that i wanted to yesterday..about Malaysia and Martha Stewart.
For those who don't know anything about Malaysia you guys are missing a lot of adventures and colors in this world... i am proud to say that Malaysia is my country.. and i just cant get enough of it..
its like ABC.. 'Ais Batu Campur'.. colourful and tasty..and you never know whats the treasure hiding beneath the sweet ice... but then you can always refer here.. :)

What about Martha Stewart?.. in the US shes like the 2nd Oprah.. but more focus in the domestic area.. if you want to be one of the Stamford Wifes.. then maybe this is where you should refer to.. very prim and proper..


so what does Martha Stewart and Malaysia have in common?.. NOTHING..
Malaysia is a country where the people are very out going and fast.. they park their car on the roadside.. they talk loudly.. they sneeze and spit anywhere they want to.. they cut lanes..
but then those are just some old habits that Malaysians are slowly getting rid off.. s l o w l y~.. :p

well.. very recently the Malaysia Ministry of Tourism had invited Martha for a 3 days visit in Malaysia... Giving her a very warm welcome and let Martha herself experience the lifestyle in the 10th most competitive country in the world... its a good effort by the government in promoting Malaysia to the world especially US.. because some of them think that we are so kg. and ulu..that they think we live on trees.. common people... that is an insult.. even they think that we dont have Youtube.. What the?... so its a good way to open their eyes.. How Martha will promote Malaysia?..well through her blog .. you can click her picture below to read it..

ok fine.. two thumbs up for the initiatives.. but tue laaa... being Malaysian.. we always take things for granted.. buat keje ala kadar jerr... the opportunity is in our hand but then we didn't do it full heartedly... adeke patut biar Martha tu amik gambar sendiri.. Adoiiiiiiiiiiii.... assign laa kat dia sorang professional photographer...baru laa gambar tue cantik... promoting through blog, meaning by putting beautiful, clear, and colourful pictures.. how can they miss this small detail out.. aiyooooo.... gloomy jerrr gambar dekat blog Martha tue.. if i'm one of the reader i wouldn't want to visit Malaysia with those pictures.. tak clear and uninviting...

Maybe this is a very very small matter for some people... but this small detail is what attract people as it is what they see first...


Monday, June 7, 2010

before i say goodnite..

Dalam Blog.

adakah dengan berbahasa sinis dan kasar itu menarik?
adakah ada bangga apabila menyumpah seranah?
adakah ada kuasa apabila memperlekehkan orang?
adakah molek menegur dengan mencaci?..

pelik orang zaman sekarang ... teguran manis dengan kiasan berwibawa sudah tidak ada..

Dalam Hidup.

jejaka melayu akal pendek...ilmu cetek... setan banyak bertenggek..

wanita melayu hilang ayu...hilang malu.. hilang baju...



Congratulation sis!! Now you are a semi-doc!!

Usually you only got to attend convocation ceremony once...
but my dear sister is so special that she have two convocation!! Wow!! Congratulation Dearie!!!.. you have always make us proud!!..
I'm proud to have a sister that is so cute, garang, super intelligent,kuat merajuk, rajin giler, pengemas, pemurah dan banyak lagi that i cannot list them all...maybe i cant challenge those 32 list that that someone(hehhehe) have because there is no word that can describe how much i love my sister... hehehhehe

my cute sisters

Big Hug


p.s : pray that i have enuff money to attend your last graduation in UK!! heheh

Thursday, June 3, 2010

have you?

have you ever
had a feeling so strong that it make you feel sick?

have you ever
scared of something that it makes you feel like you want to pee?

have you ever
want something so badly that it makes you shiver?

have you ever
feel tired of waiting and knowing that you had to wait some more?

have you ever
scared of the reality and facts that you have to face?

have you?
have you?
have you?
have you?

well i do..

just about now...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rambling is not good.

usually i dont do this~

usually i have a plan..what to write .. and what pictures to put in... but not today..let see where my cute little fingers will bring us to..

currently my favorite website is this one particular website because it helps me soo much..
it helps make to look busy..
it helps me to understand web design..
it helps me to understand html as well...
soo yeahh it helps me in a lot of way..

but then again my work still cannot be done...its because of this laptop that i'm using.. having a brain too slow... and a very short term memory.. it sucks!.. i cant do anything to make things work.. what i cant do is to propose to my boss to get a new lappy.. but i know he will say " Nopp, you go fixed it. It has sentimentalvalue."... aiiiyoo.. sentimentalnovalue adalaahhhhhhhhh... semua kerja tak boleh jalan... so what do i do?.. pretend to be visiting and understanding whats inside the website. The website is ... its worth the visit.. i dont know how to link the website to the address.. later i will learn how...not now.. maybe when i feel bored tomorrow..hahah

Biar Sederhana dan Bergaya :p

Hidup di Mont Kiara ini tidaklahh seperti yang aku anggapkan...
Sesungguhnya aku berangan2 untuk berada di Mont Kiara kerana bunyinya yang memang ade kelaassssslaaaa...

just imagine ok...

" owhh kaklong dah keje ke?"
"ha ah" (tak nak bagi tahu terus kat mana, sebab nak suruh dia tanya)
"Dekat mana?"

" dekat Mont Kiara~" (dengan cool dan bergaya)

memang best kalau bagi jawapan macam nie dengan gaya cool lagi bersahaja dan sambil menahan hidung yang kembang kempis... sound soo class dan Gah..

Plaza Mont Kiara
Tempat untuk aku mencari pengalaman..

tapi tuelaa... hidup di Mont Kiara nie taklaa seGah mana pun aku rasa....atleast for me, i feel that way.. mungkin bagi aku orang baru mula kerja nie memang terasa laa ke- TAK-best-an dia... especially budget... Adoii~ sampai aku rasa kalau masa dulu aku student aku lagi kaya... sekarang Kayap...

soo semalam aku terima paycheck aku yang pertama, immediately aku teringat akan pesan ibu ku yang tercinta bahawa dia mengatakan

" ingat~ nanti bila dah dapat gaji.. mak dah tak kasi dah duit tau~"

dup dap dup dap hati ini dikala hati menyambut check tersebut... terasa dewasa sungguh..yerlaa entry aku dua tiga menjak nie memang pasal melangkah ke alam dewasa jerrr... pehall ntah... adoiii

maka aku pun segera membuat budget untuk bulan ini.. dan nampaknya amatlahh short sekali duit ku.. memang takleh lansung nak joli sikit pun.. mmg elok2 jeeee tuk cover the whole month.. segala2 angan2 aku untuk memiliki kereta sendiri semuanya di tolak ketepi jauh-jauh... atleast buat masa nie... drive jerlaa kete lama... tetiba dalam hati pun berbunyi " kete nie pun ok pe lagi"...memujuk hati yang duka lara~ yerlaa 1st month nie gaji sikit..sebab tak cukup hari... soo aku pun membuat plan budget yang aku rasa sesuai...

Kia Forte yang menjadi pilihan dan terpaksa dilupakan..
after merasakan Honda City terlalu mahal untuk masa sekarang..

so kira hari ni aku nak laa mula plan untuk berjimat cermat... tapi tulaa...Alamat jerlaaa...

plan tuk pg kerja awal so that tak perlu lalu tol rm12 sehari tidak terlaksana
plan tuk membeli mknn tak melebihi rm10 pun tak jadi...
tapi aku berjaya mendapatkan nasik lemak untuk breakfast yang murah..that is RM1.80..heheheh... pasnieh leh beli lagi kat 7eleven tueh.. ade macam2 gak and semua harga sama.. so taklaaa telan duit aku banyak sangat...

plan tuk hari esok : berpuasa dan bangun awal untuk mencuba jalan duta untuk ke tempat kerja..

so the moral of the story is
Things aren't always the way they seem..

owh yess!! satu lagi..sok jangan lupa puasa!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Me Time

so nak cerita ape ehh hari ni?..tadi pagi macam banyak benda nak cerita and tak sabar2 nak taip blog.. hmmm... let me think~

owhh hari ni sampai awal...awal gila gak laaa... around 7.40am i think...i was the first one to arrived at my floor.. the first one to open the office..and some of the lights are still not turn on in the walk way.. when the lift open it was a lil bit dark... but then i'm not scared..but then proud to be the 1st one to arrive at my floor.. usually i'm the first one to arrive at my office.. but today i break the record to be the first one to arrive at my the floor..huuuuuuuhu!! Yeahhh!! hahahha

i take my seat behind this small cubicle...immediately turned on the laptop and eat my breakfast. Bibik yang masak~.. i bungkuskan jerr...

it was quite..

it was peaceful..

it was heaven...

but i like it only when its in the morning...because to start off the day we need some time to plan what to do.. and of course to enjoy breakfast ..hehheh.. anyway breakfast is the most important meal right?..heheh

The point IS...

We do NEED time on our own..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hari ini merupakan satu pencapaian. Hari ini merupakan hari kedua aku berjaya menunaikan puasa naza ku.
And YESS!! dah habis dah 2 hari puasa dari banyak lagi bilangan puasa yang tak mahu aku nyatakn disini..(hahaha poyo).

Pejam celik pejam celik lagi setengah jam aku akan pulang ke rumah... tak sabar rasanya untuk melepak dan menggeliat depan TV. Owhh i must say that lately my time of leisure had been cut short because of work.. and if only i have some, it will be full of hard work of painting and doing the final touches of our my house... and so i miss it badly...

what are you looking at?.. this is my place and remote.. shhoohhhh

I feel older today.. not in the sense of age.. welll yeahh i know i'm old.. but in terms of maturity i can say I'm half cooked...hahhaaha... not yet ready and still too naive to face the real world..
well..basically i went to KWSP today... registered as a new member there.. it was fast and easy... so now i officially have an EPF account...
it is a big step for me... maybe not for other people.. as some already have it at 18... but not for me.. i'm still new.. hot from the oven..

while waiting for sue to finish off hers( she has some problem with her it took sometime..) at the waiting area.. i have this strange some sort of calming feelings...
i feel old~
i dont know why that i feel older...
just a little bit wiser maybe... but then again i feel scared...
scared of the truth that now i am old.. now that i have to make big decision.. now that i have to work to earn money... i have to plan my future... and wondering if what am i doing is correct... too much too think in too little time... it makes my mind feel tiny.. making me feel small as an ant...

and now.. right at this moment i surrender... surrender to Allah that he knows the best.. what i can do is to plan.. to try the best that i can.. to take and think at every opportunity that was given... as i am just human... and mighty Allah is the ruler of the world.. lead me to right path.. light up the right way...make my path easy.. Aminn

i have goosebumps all over my body...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

getting back the pace...

Its Monday...

and Monday has always been a gloomy day
Its not Monday's fault..Its Nobody's fault...
Its just maybe the sound of Monday makes your heart washed away
Washed away by the warm duvet in your bed while lazing around that Sunday...

Yess!! Sunday!!

So is it Sunday's fault then?...
Nopp!!...Sunday was meant for you to be lazy.. to curled up and dumped yourself in a pile of cushions and pillows..having lunch and dinner in bed..because breakfast is a must on Sunday... so for SURE its not Sunday's fault...

Then who's fault that I'm having this awful Monday?
Arghhhh!!! I'm still trying to cope with my Monday...
owhh Monday~.. please make my day...

have a wonderful monDay

p.s: this finally make me smile.. i hope u will too..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bye bye

Its been a while since i last wrote anything here... things are just too fast around me.. but then I'm very thankful that I finally finished the one thing that i thought i will not get over with..~my study~

honestly, even though its already been about a month and nineteen days from my last final exam in IIUM.. i already miss it a lot... this whole new world of working is totally new to me..but then Alhamdulillah i will not complain as Allah is too generous to me.. giving me an opportunity that no one like me gets...

and so why is it i taught my study will not reach its end?.. maybe its because of my laziness and obstacles that i have..but mainly the letter 'M' is too big for me...'Malas'... yess i regretted it~.. but then its too late...and so i am satisfy with what i have and work hard to make the best out of it..

lets walk down the memory lane with me.. looking back at my failure and success in IIUM..

Fails and repeat:
1. Math 3: Linear Algebra and Differential equation
2. Circuit Analysis
3. Data Communication and Networking
4. Control System
5. Antenna

i think there's some more that i didn't mention..hahah.. owh yess not forgetting that i actually repeat Math 3 twice.. :P..hahha.. i know its not something to be proud of.. and i'm not proud of it too.. but then for me it shows that m having a tough time with my study.. its just not that easy.. well everyone will admit that their course is the hardest course of all in the world.. it may not be true but then for that person it is... so be it what people say bout you.. because in the end you know how far you can go.. and how much you can achieve...

but then again, syukur to Allah, i had finally finished my study in Communication Engineering and right now i am proud to tell that i am officially an engineer. Currently employed and working in Mont Kiara and at the same time waiting for another interview result from SCOMI. Pray for me people as i have high hope to get a place at SCOMI. Whatever the result is i know that Allah knows what is the best for me.
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