Thursday, June 17, 2010


i'm already 24 years old.. but acting like a child celebrating her 10 years old birthday.. thats just me..

My Birthday Project was a success!!! with the help of my lovely sis and mom..everything that was planned had been executed smoothly. We cooked, we baked, we grill .. we did everything... i must give a big clap and standing ovation to my team project. hehehe
The food was delicious!! the decoration was just right!! and the theme was fun and easy to follow.. and not to mentioned the game was fun too.. so my advice is if you want to have a birthday party why don't you organize it own your birthday... the best way to enjoy a party is to enjoy your own birthday party!! plus you get birthday gifts too..hahhahaha.... but hey if you give some love to what you do.. you will get the love back for sure!!..


Nyum Nyum.. owh yess we also have NINI cokelat celup...
celup! celup! hahah

Here are some Party Tips that i think might help

1. always list out the number of guest you are inviting, and confirm their attendance at least 3 days before the event.(you can always use the message inbox through FB or even you can create an event through FB)
2. pick a theme that is easy for everyone to follow and remind your guest about the theme
(i chose the bright and colourful theme..its easy and it always pops out in pictures)
3. try to decorate your place according to the theme..however always keep an eye on the budget..
( balloons is a must!!!...or else there will be no party... try to bring back your guess down the memory lane with your favourite snack during childhood)
4. always plan the menu for the event..and try to budget according to the number of guest..and list all the item that you need to buy..
5. play some games that involve everyone... such as charade or win lose or draw... this is so fun!!
6. give some door gift to your guest so that they will remember your party always!!.. i gave empty CD that i personally hand drawn the design on the CD... heheheh
7. enjoy what you are doing all the love will give more excitement and fun throughout your event.. hugs!!!

below are some party ideas from Mr Google

My Menu

1. Chicken wings & drumsticks marinated with hot sweet and spicy sauce
2. mashed potato
3. coleslaw
4. Chinese fried rice
5. pizza roti
6. spaghetti
7. fruit trifle
8. vanilla cupcake with strawberry jam

as you can see the menu was pretty easy... and some can be made the night before...heheheh

have a great party!!!


hamizah said...

yeaahh it was fun! haven't had tht fun much since...i also dnt remember.

ur doorgift pun sgt precious. x tau nak burn apa dlm CD tu. if nk buat a mix, then it has to be a really special one, for a very special someone. *hint hint*

becos u gave me such an inspiration, kite pun nak throw a party jgk lah. huhu..

pretty wifey said...


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