Friday, June 11, 2010

Him who shall not be remembered

my first day working outside was a good one.. so many things i learned.. mingling with people or strangers... walking with confidence and keeping your head high while with other people... however yesterday was a day that's too much that i had to take... i had a fever at the end of the day.. and end up sleeping early..

i saw him yesterday... the last person that i taught i would meat.. but fortunately we just pass by each other... at that moment i was going out of the PWTC entrance while busy chit chatting with Sue.. and then it caught my eyes...
he was looking at me.. his eyes were as if he was making sure whether its really me or not..


i hate him soo much that it makes me shiver for a moment... just a moment..

i need a moment of silence...

and not to think anything.. but shamelessly my eyes were red..

but im not stupid.. crying over some worthless men..

his just a bad history... a history that should never be repeated...

and yes i HATE him.. i shall not revenge.. nor shall i think about him at all.. its a shame for me to admit that its hard... but it is very hard for me... as i wish not to say out his name or shall tell a story bout him.. i still end up still telling...

thus from NOW, i shall not mention his name or anything that had got to do with him...



but My Life is My Life..

my life is so beautiful with my family and friends... and they are all what i had.... but i like to fill the empty space in my heart at the right time and at the right moment..

i pray for myself and for all of you people.. to be happy and prosperous..

as you who will fill my empty space for now..

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