Wednesday, June 9, 2010


i have a short term memory loss you know... very.. very short...
but not as short as Dori though... a friend of Nemo's dad..heheh she suffer major short term memory loss... pity her..:p

i forgot what is it that i actually wanted to post here.. but then nvm.. i shall post something that i wanted to yesterday..about Malaysia and Martha Stewart.
For those who don't know anything about Malaysia you guys are missing a lot of adventures and colors in this world... i am proud to say that Malaysia is my country.. and i just cant get enough of it..
its like ABC.. 'Ais Batu Campur'.. colourful and tasty..and you never know whats the treasure hiding beneath the sweet ice... but then you can always refer here.. :)

What about Martha Stewart?.. in the US shes like the 2nd Oprah.. but more focus in the domestic area.. if you want to be one of the Stamford Wifes.. then maybe this is where you should refer to.. very prim and proper..


so what does Martha Stewart and Malaysia have in common?.. NOTHING..
Malaysia is a country where the people are very out going and fast.. they park their car on the roadside.. they talk loudly.. they sneeze and spit anywhere they want to.. they cut lanes..
but then those are just some old habits that Malaysians are slowly getting rid off.. s l o w l y~.. :p

well.. very recently the Malaysia Ministry of Tourism had invited Martha for a 3 days visit in Malaysia... Giving her a very warm welcome and let Martha herself experience the lifestyle in the 10th most competitive country in the world... its a good effort by the government in promoting Malaysia to the world especially US.. because some of them think that we are so kg. and ulu..that they think we live on trees.. common people... that is an insult.. even they think that we dont have Youtube.. What the?... so its a good way to open their eyes.. How Martha will promote Malaysia?..well through her blog .. you can click her picture below to read it..

ok fine.. two thumbs up for the initiatives.. but tue laaa... being Malaysian.. we always take things for granted.. buat keje ala kadar jerr... the opportunity is in our hand but then we didn't do it full heartedly... adeke patut biar Martha tu amik gambar sendiri.. Adoiiiiiiiiiiii.... assign laa kat dia sorang professional photographer...baru laa gambar tue cantik... promoting through blog, meaning by putting beautiful, clear, and colourful pictures.. how can they miss this small detail out.. aiyooooo.... gloomy jerrr gambar dekat blog Martha tue.. if i'm one of the reader i wouldn't want to visit Malaysia with those pictures.. tak clear and uninviting...

Maybe this is a very very small matter for some people... but this small detail is what attract people as it is what they see first...



hamizah said...

amyyy.., ur blog header sama dgn this other dude...


but urs lg cun, jgn risau. ;)

tp amy dear, not all pictures are bad. some are quite okay.
especially gamba2 close up of the food. menarik!

and look at wat she's wearing to the pasar tani! hahaha..adoiiyai~
prim n proper indeed!

Amy Syairah said...

hahahahha...ha ahh laaa hamieza...sama...we just got good taste maybe..hahahhaha...ade ke gbr yg menarik?..tapi just imagine gbr yg kene amik dgn professional photog..lagi cun beb... anyway hamiza dear ur invited to my birthday party this saturday 2pm.. girls only tauuu...hehhehehe... its more of a get together with my girlfriends..heheh only close one...

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